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Becoming Mom

When I decided to begin this blog, finding the perfect name was really important to me. I wanted something that was easily understood, that would grow with me, encouraged others and most importantly embodied who I was and aspire to be. Among a short list of ideas, Becoming Mom always ranked number one and resonated with me deeply. Becoming Mom.

Becoming. Becoming in itself is a process of coming to be something or someone. Process. It is ever-changing, ever-learning, ever-forgiving, and ever-humble. Becoming can happen through intentional shifts, subconscious desires, or even be a by-product of decisions and experiences in your life. Becoming isn't a destination, rather a state of being. It is a life-long growth filled with opportunities to challenge self-concepts and identity, to celebrate victories and grow from those, to grieve the losses... and grow from those too, and to question intentions, understandings and ways of life. I wanted to be fully immersed in the journey of becoming. And I invite you to do the same. Ride the waves of life, practice patience, resiliency and endurance. Each and every experience (if you allow it) will strengthen you to your core. Becoming the best version of you there is.

Mom. Mom has always resonated with me, far before owning the name myself. It's a heavy word that for some holds belonging and comfort as it's softly spoken. For some it holds pride, strength and truth. For some it sits as a pit in their stomach aching of sadness, confusion and anger. Wherever you may be in relationship to Mom, I think we can all agree how deeply it impacts our lives. Words have meaning, and names have power. Mom. Of course the journey to that name is never as straight as it's lead to be. Different paths of conception, infertility, miscarriages and adoption, fostering, blended families, and motherly figures. Mom has a universal meaning with a billion and one unique practices. For me, Mom holds influence. It holds humility. It holds forgiveness. It holds exhaustion. It holds friendship. It holds joy. I encourage you to broaden your understanding of Mom and practice gratitude for those people in your life who embody Mom honestly. What a beautiful habit to form.

Becoming Mom. I can say, without a doubt in my mind, this space holds so much influence. The impact our community can make when we invest within it is unmeasurable. Simply sharing hardships, talking about raw truths, often times having hard but necessary conversations brings so much connection. And really, isn't that what this is all about? Thank you so much for joining me here, it's a courageous decision to face yourself in the mirror and be vulnerable, to confront your beliefs, understand your emotions, and question your principles. It's often a messy journey, uncovering things that you may once had felt were better left unsaid and accepting who you are, in your truest form of stubbornness, jealousy and fear. Owning those moments and learning to love yourself despite it all. Giving yourself grace. Ohhhh I'm in my feels now. I guess I get proud when people enter into a space of honesty. Who have found comfort in recognizing "I'm really struggling with jealousy right now", "I feel forgotten and unimportant", "I'm damn proud of myself and want to share my success"... and then say Okay, now what? (you feel me?). Give it a try... jump into your journey of becoming, no matter what that looks like. Becoming Partner. Becoming Sister. Becoming Boss....Becoming You.

Until next time,

All my love,


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