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Lovevery Review

I first heard of Lovevery while I was pregnant. The combination of style, purpose and materials made this company very interesting to me. A Montessori-inspired subscription box that grouped each box with toys relative to the skills, interests and development of your child. As a first time mom, that sounded like heaven. A brand who curates boxes that meet my little one where they are and doing so in a style I love. Lovevery is a baby-safe, eco-friendly, stage-based toy subscription box. I have always been someone who has been intentional with what I bring into my home. After having Beau, his toys were no different. I didn't want a space full of unused, plastic, battery-operated, flashing, over-stimulating toys (at least for his first year). I wanted to be intentional around 'less is more' and believed babies need very little in the entertaining department. They are learning so much as it is, so having tools and toys around that happen to follow along their new skills felt like a bonus. Lovevery update their boxes as needed, so some of what we received may be slightly different then the items currently offered (check out their boxes here).

The Charmer

Months 3-4

Includes: -Wooden Rattle

-Rolling Bell

-Silicone Triple Teether & Organic

Teething Cloth ( New)

-Soft Book

-Black & White Card Set/ Mirror Card

-Crinkle Bag

-Rubber Triangle Teether

-Hand To Hand Disc

-Framed Mirror (Not Pictured)

Beau LOVED the Soft book and the crinkle bag far past the 4 month mark. The rolling bell and wooden rattle was great to encourage rolling and the rubber triangle (we put in the freezer) was great for teething periods throughout his first year.

The Senser

Months 5-6

Includes: -Spinning Rainbow

-Magic Tissue Box

-Magic Tissues

-Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball ( New

version )

-'Parts Of Me' Board Book

-Play Socks

-Tummy Time Wobbler

I loved having a book in this box, especially one about body parts. A great introduction to anatomy, as well as REAL kiddos in the pictures. The jingle socks were never used and the ball wasn't used much until later on when Beau had better hand-eye coordination. But the tissue box and spinning rainbow were sources of much fun, laughter and play in our home. The tummy time wobbler was used far past 6 months as Beau began crawling quite early and loved to get his hands on it.

The Inspector

Months 7-8

Includes:- Ball Drop Box

-Wooden Ball Set

'-My First Signs' Board Book

-'Things I See' Texture Cards

-Nesting Stacking DripDrop Cups

-First Puzzle

-Felt Ball Set

-Treasure Basket

-Drinking Cup

This was likely Beau's favourite box (in comparison to the first two). He was couch surfing by the end of his eighth month, so his mobility was something he was quite proud of. Mastering the wooden ball drop box was so fun to watch and Beau absolutely loved the nesting stacking cups. We still use them in the bathtub, sandbox or outside (each cup has different amounts of holes in the bottom). The flashcards are double sided, one side with a unique texture. The sensory aspects of each box is an added bonus. The puzzle top was often used as a pacifier and the basket was turned into a hat. This was a fun box!

The Explorer

Months 9-10

Includes: -Stainless Steel Tip & Turn

-Clear Tube With Stacking Rings

-Montessori Egg Cup

-Stainless Steel Jingle Keys

-Little Grip Canister Set

-'How I Feel' Board Book

-First Blocks

-Bright & Light Play Scarf

The famous Montessori egg cup did not disappoint. Beau loved the opportunity to take the egg out and place it back in. By far the canisters were his favourite (and still are). Each canister has a different style lid, which allows your little one to use them as they grow. The only toy that wasn't used often in our home was the tip & turn. Beau took the ball (it rattles as it moves) and used it in other types of play, but rarely used with the stainless steel part.

The Thinker

Months 11-12

Includes: -Organic Cotton Baby Doll ( Sent A Memory Book Instead)

-Wooden Peg Drop

-Sliding Top Box

-'Animals I See' Mini Board Book

-Organic Cotton Sensory Pouch

-Pincer Puzzle

-Opposites Balls

I wish we had been sent the doll (you had to pick the skin colour in order to have it sent), because I would have loved a doll at this stage for Beau. Nonetheless, a memory book is just as nice and has been tucked in with our memory box. Beau loved everything in this kit. The dark blue opposite balls were often hanging around as one was very light (and floated) while the other quite heavy (needed two hands to hold, and would sink in water). It was very interesting to Beau to see two (seemingly) identical things act very different. The pincer puzzle added a challenge that Beau enjoyed and the small book has seen much love (currently taped, glued and holding together with a prayer). My favourite piece from this box (apart from the opposite balls) was the sliding top box. This box was the first time a ball didn't quite fit into a hole and really taught Beau the intentional action of pushing and pulling. The felted ball would be pushed into the hole, would disappear and you then had to slide the top across to find it. A great activity.

The Babbler

Months 13,14,15

Includes: -Slide & Seek Ball Run

-Bunnies In A Felt Burrow

-Flexible Wooden Stacker

-Circle Of Friends Puzzle

-Wooden Coin Bank Set

-Coin Lid & Coins For Bank

-Carrot Lid & Carrots For Bank

-Posting Lid For Bank

-'Bedtime For Zoe' Board Book

Our latest box. After a year, the kits are designed to cover three months (instead of two). This box was full of new and exciting things Beau couldn't wait to use. The bunnies took his favourite very quickly as he loved putting them in, peeking in the hole and pulling them out. He ADORES this bunny and burrow set. The carrot box and other lids was a close second. And as he is getting older I see him reaching more for the puzzle, slide & seek ball run and wooden stacker and using it in it's intended use.

I love the real people and children in the board books, the unique puzzles, natural materials used and fun challenging toys that captivate Beau without the use of batteries and flashing lights. It Invites your children to make the music, discover the hidden items, practice hand eye coordination as well as fine and gross motor skills, and have fun. It's curated for them. And that's what I love. An investment I believe is worth it. Toys that have use far part their advertised age, beautifully constructed, thoughtfully created and encourages your childrens independence. Providing opportunities to do things themselves and the space to figure it all out. What I didn't post here was all the wonderful ways Beau played, used, creatively sourced and discovered because we had Lovevery in our home. Each box comes with a booklet that guides you through each toy, with the intended use as well as fun alternative ideas to use the toy. The booklet also includes a snippet of where your little one is at developmentally and offers encouragement to us parents as we raise these little ones. The one thing to keep in mind is the collection of toys you will slowly be building. Each box comes with 5-8 items and over time your collection will grow. I keep ours stored in our basement and rotate toys every week or so, keeping those still captivating Beau out and swapping things unused for something "new". And those toys he has genuinely outgrown, I have stored away with other newborn/young baby things and will bring out as we grow our family. If you are ever on the fence, I couldn't recommend them enough. Any questions or want to chat more feel free to reach out and I'd love to connect!

All my love,


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