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Where I've Been & Where I'm Going

So I quit my job.... now what?

I've been quiet here the last few weeks with my head in the sand juggling the transition to working with Beau... and to be honest it hasn't been as hard as I thought. What has been hard is juggling everything else! Sure, I'll work before he wakes, during nap and after bed... but then when do I do everything else? Errands, housework, exercising... down time? I've enjoyed getting back into the hustle of working, but have noticed that I truly run out of time and energy to get it all done in one day. So I've just been figuring out a realistic and long-term work plan and really being mindful with what I do in my free time. I'll find my groove, I know I will.

In the meantime, let me fill you in on the exciting things I'm working on! I invite you all to follow along and join the fun!

I've taken on the role of managing the social media presences for two separate companies that are near and dear to my heart. Both provide amazing services and hope you keep them in mind when you (or those you know) are in need of a helping hand.

Please follow/like/subscribe to our socials to be a part of our social family as we move forward.

For almost 25 years, Windchime Realty has been specializing in unique country properties, riverfront, lakefront, waterfalls, valley views, hobby farms and century homesteads. Serving Caledon North to Beaver Valley and Georgian Bay, East to the Creemore Hills and West to Bruce County.

If you, or someone you know is looking to buy/sell in this area, don't hesitate to give Donald and his team a call. They'd love to help!

Donald B Jack, Broker Of Record: 519-924-1717

Please follow/like/subscribe to our socials to be a part of our social family as we grow.

New to the scene, Linen & Lavender Cleaning Co. provides a personalized and top-end cleaning service for those living in the Grey, Bruce & Huron Counties. Wether you are in the market for a regularly scheduled cleaning service, need an extra pair of hands preparing for an event/moment in life, or own/manage cottage/home rentals or air bnb's, Jodee is here to manage the upkeep so you can take the time to invest in the things important to you. We recently launched in August, offering complimentary consultations throughout the month (dates differ depending on service area) and are prepared to begin cleaning services after the Labour Day weekend.

Jodee: 519-261-0539

Sooooo that's what I'm doing.

Word of mouth and social media marketing has incredible potential for growing businesses. I'm learning as I go and welcome any feedback, advice or general comments from those in similar positions; working from home, managing social accounts and figuring out the ever changing algorithms of Instagram!! There's been a lot of self-learning, a couple of late nights, a sinful amount of early mornings and an overwhelming amount of gratitude to have this opportunity.

Thank you to anyone who has continued to encourage and support me on this journey.. it never goes unnoticed. I see and appreciate all the likes, comments and shares of my posts, the personal messages about particular blogs and how they were relatable, spot on or sparked conversation, and encouragement of continuing to invest in to the things that bring me joy. It has been such a cool experience blogging, connecting and reconnecting with friends, creating new friendships and initiating conversations about important things. Creating your village, supporting one another and sucking up your pride to lean on others has been an extraordinary byprouct of BecomingMom. I intend to continue regularly posting and love to hear from you.

Join me at the Windchime Realty Ltd. socials to have first access to all the real estate info, stats and beautiful properties/investment opportunities. And follow along Linen & Lavender Cleaning Co. for all things home decor/staging and sparkling clean spaces. Learn more about the packages, rates and services provided.

I can't wait to have you join the fam!

All my love,


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